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Finding a Place to Park my Melon


In two truths and a lie it was never easy to think of the lie but the life of a trailing spouse produced so many outlandish truths that my only difficulty was which of truths to pick. Would it be when I was arrested on the Slovenian border or when I paid a gardener and odd job man to run his hands over every inch of my naked body in the Black Forest? I never meant to get into these kinds of situations, but that is what happens when you live a life by the philosophy that “you only ever regret the things you didn’t do.”This book is the story of our three years in Germany trying to traverse the cultural chasms that made life interesting and searching for the people that made us complete.

The humour is incredible and the turtle story was hilarious.

 The various names for buns was fascinating. Once in a while I'm reminded of places in the world that I have been and long to go back to; the English countryside is one of them. 

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The Spy Who Saved Christmas

When all the elves became sick, Santa needed to call on Stanley the dyslexic elf to save the day. Stanley must overcome all his difficulties to make sure everyone gets the right present on time but he makes a few hilarious mistakes on the way!

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Kate's Corner Of Lancashire

I am very excited to announce that I will be  writing a monthly column for Lancashire and North West Magazine, called Kate's Corner of Lancashire, which begins in their December 2020 issue. It will take a  humorous and nostalgic articles look at the life of a 'Lancashire Lass' on her travels.